NALIS held a health fair for its staff on the 27/03/2012 at the National Library. It offered testing for Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure, HIV, Prostate Cancer, Diabetes and many others. It was a great opportunity for staff to get some of their basic test done for “free”.  I have to give it to the staff  that even though there was limited seating and mass confusion over the running of the fair tehy kept their cool.

Today I learnt that my pressure was high, my cholestrol was high and my sugar was low.. Guess its time to use some of the books in the health section to help me learn how to eat better and get my stress down ( or maybe its time to go on vacation)

My only concern was that it was poorly organized. Hopefully at the next health fair they will be more organized.

All in all it was a great day and I hope to see NALIS doing more stuff like this to motivate staff for health and wellness



3 responses to “NALIS: HEALTH FAIR 2012

  1. That was a great, what NALIS did for their employees, they are not perfect, but it shows that they care. And yes , you need to start taking better care off your self.

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